Monday, December 26, 2016

How Pine Tree Bark Becomes A Canvas, Iamikan reveals the beauty of co-creation!


Algorithm of Acuity 24 x 34
Mixed Media: Oil, acrylic, resin on pine tree bark

Iamikan’s Tree of Life or “Algorithm of Acuity” offers the reflection of our connection to nature as an incredible confluence of artistry through nature's organic show and tell! 

This masterfully sculpted piece took Iamikan 6 months to create, beginning with hand selecting pine tree bark as the medium. Each piece of bark was painstakingly placed and cured to become the canvas. The face was hand carved into "the tree" while the vine ivy was intrinsically woven in, and on the pine. Over time, layer upon layer of resin was meticulously poured into the grooves of the tree, both fossilizing and immortalizing the live vine ivy and blades of grass. To finalize the inherent beauty of the piece, the butterfly made of resin and acrylic iridescent paint, was hand dripped into life becoming the 3-dimensional entity that rests atop the tree. 

In creating this piece, Iamikan’s artistic desire was rooted in the human potential to co-create a more compatible, sustainable environment through nature's intelligent and algorithmic inspiration of "infinite possibility"!

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