Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artist –Iamikan Expanding Opportunities!

In February 2009 Iamikan and I opened - The Art of Core Consciousness, as Charleston’s first yoga, massage studio and art gallery, at 29 Broad Street. With a youth of enthusiasm, our vision was to create a wave of originality defined by Iamikan’s “art as a living experience”.

Since the galleries inception, we have flourished in connecting and attracting interest from all over, reaching as far west as Seattle and Sedona have people come to experience the art and space. This in turn, opened the opportunity for Iamikan to travel, lecturing on his process and doing large-scale commissions as a part of architectural/interior design. With the growing recognition and desire to expand our vision, we recently changed the name of the space to Gallery Iamikan to focus solely on the art’s success.

Now, after 2 ½ years of our entrepreneurial expression on Broad Street, we will be officially moving the gallery in mid August. We are ready to set sail our scope of ambition and have several destinations in mind as a point of attraction through clientele and contacts. For now, we are excited to close this wonderful chapter and prepare to script a new adventure.

Having this stage to showcase Iamikan’s artwork has opened up many creative outlets to explore and express what he does beyond just art. Recently, having been a guest speaker at Charleston’s Pecha Kucha, Iamikan’s lecture on “The Nature of Art as a Technology” opened up a flood of interest and connection for him to be part of a national panel of innovators presenting original ideas and concepts in the field of sustainability, engineering and design. His artwork, a pioneering science of mixed media, using oil and acrylic paints with layers of amber like resin, demonstrates a unique perspective of what he refers to as “algorithms inspired by nature’s art of technology”.

“After several wonderful years of experiencing Charleston, it’s time to say goodbye, says Atmah Ja, it has been a soul filled experience and I will always have a place in my heart for Charleston’s love and support”. Thank you!

Contact for interest in the art, to schedule a speaking event or for general information/questions or go to

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