Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artist ~ Iamikan Captivates Seeking Indigo’s True Essence

An Intern's Journey: Kayla and Infinite Recognition

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to step inside the enchanting gallery of acclaimed artist, Iamikan. Iamikan's connection with Seeking Indigo starts right as you walk into the Seeking Indigo doors. It is hard to imagine that Iamikan was able to create this incredible masterpiece with such intricate detail by diligently painting onto the glass backwards without any brushes. Iamikan managed to captivate Seeking Indigo’s true essence and literally transform it into this amazing fountain called Infinite Recognition, that is absolutely breath-taking.

The image of the elephant's head with its trunk down is usually the first depiction people observe when admiring the beautiful artwork. However, if you look even closer you will discover the image transforms into the elephant's trunk lifted up in a three-dimensional aspect, as if he is spurting the fountain’s water directly out. Unbelievably, this is not the only transformation Iamikan was able to create. Once you examine the fountain even deeper you will notice that the elephant’s image transforms into a human with its arms lifted up while holding a large circle which symbolizes the third eye. The large circle that the human is holding had previously been the elephant’s third eye when the trunk was directed down, it is also the elephant’s trunk when it had transformed into a three-dimensional image of the elephant spouting water out. This depiction translates and evolves into Seeking Indigo’s overall philosophy and mission to incorporate the wisdom of this incredible fountain and embracing transformation and change.

Iamikan Art at 445 Seeking Indigo

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