Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iamikan’s Eco-fabulous ~ Sustainable Re-Creations

29 Broad Street

Iamikan’s Ecofabulous ~ Sustainable Re-Creations

Iamikan’s artistry and passion derive largely from his relationship with nature, working from a place of understanding the subtle web in which nature communicates. Having grown up in the mountains of West Virginia, he spent most of his days observing everything around him from ant colonies to water moccasins and birds nesting, self-educating on the interconnection of the whole.

When approaching his craft, he maintains a respect toward the natural world, working on 6 different mediums and using recycled materials when possible, as a base practice of sustainability.

“Earth’s Abundance”, currently in the gallery, is a recycled glass top table piece named from the recognition of Iamikan’s philosophy that if we mirror how nature operates, there is a limitless potential for resources. “We can learn everything we need to know from nature, about how to live more intelligently, creatively, with an inherent program of evolution, just by observing”.

When working with clients, he has completed commissioned works on existing glass pieces from kitchen and coffee tables and most recently a glass bar top for a Kiawah pool house / tiki-hut. Tiffany Chu of Dwell magazine states, “It is nearly impossible to talk about materials today without invoking a full-fledged powwow about life cycle analysis, carbon footprints, and potential up-cycling."

Exclusively features Iamikan's mixed media creations of oil and acrylic paints, layered in amber resins on a variety of mediums. Best by appointment. Located at 29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC. 843.323.8341

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