Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iamikan's Art of Sustainability Inspired by his "Tree of Life"

29 Broad Street

Iamikan’s Tree of Life or “Algorithm of Acuity” offers the reflection of our connection to the natural realm as the most incredible artistic show and tell. Through the compassionate glance held in the eyes of the piece, it acts as the mirror for us to remember and refer back to as our heritage of intelligence that is built from nature’s web, inherent in our memory.

In creating this piece, Iamikan’s artistic desire was rooted in the consciousness of organic sustainability and our potential to co-create through nature's inspiration, a more compatible environment for the development and evolution of nature/human nature as we expand symbiotically into a digital/technological age.

Algorithm of Acuity 24 x 34
Mixed Media: Oil, acrylic, resin on pine tree bark

"Algorithm of Acuity" is the first piece to be showcased from Iamikan's 2011 collection. This masterfully sculpted painting took 6 months to create, beginning with hand selecting pine tree bark as its medium. The face was carved into the tree by a knife and the vine ivy was then intrinsically woven in, and on the pine. The butterfly was made out of resin and acrylic iridescent paint. Iamikan interprets this piece as the tree of life that extends the infinite possibility rooted in the algorithm of human/nature.

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