Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sustainable ~ Raw ~ Organic ~ Original ~ Iamikan Art!

Gallery Iamikan
29 Broad Street
Charleston, SC

Discover what makes Iamikan's pieces so sustainably raw, organic and original!

Iamikan's craftsmanship begins by hand mulling the earth’s pigments into paints with a mortar and pestle, finely tuning his desire to specific grades of opacity and texture according to the specialized visual effect. His use of mineral based micas create the pearlescent and metallic color resulting in a shimmering reflective experience while the layering effect of each piece is done by manipulating layer upon layer of spectacular color and amber like resin with the elements of heat, air pressure, and water, infusing life into this new medium - rarely witnessed in the world today.

Iamikan is gaining recognition working on several projects with architects/designers both locally and nationally, creating specialized pieces - for both commercial and private residences.

This Friday, May 6th 5:00 - 8:00 pm, Gallery Row and The French Quarter Galleries will host an art walk for locals and visitors alike to experience Charleston's rich and varied culture as seen through the lens of visual artists.

Experience the art of Iamikan and it's canvas of infinite possibility showcased exclusively at Gallery Iamikan ~ 29 Broad Street.

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