Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Art of the Bachelor Pad ~ Forbes and Gallery Iamikan

Gallery Iamikan
29 Broad Street
Charleston ~ SC

Art is the act of creation itself! What could be sexier than that – you ask? There is nothing more attractive than a man who not only appreciates original art, but who asserts himself in his domain, purchasing art to compliment his space.

This demonstrates the art of living well, giving a man the opportunity to fashionably showcase his unique personality via his palette of artistic appreciation. Forbes magazine states, “A flash bachelor pad has the latest high tech gizmos, artwork hanging from exposed brick and the highest fidelity stereo.”

Andrew Torrey, of B.A. Torrey & Co., who designs apartments for stock brokers, musicians and professional athletes in New York City as quoted in Forbes states "It's my job to make sure my client's homes are designed exactly as they want them to be, it costs a lot to have exactly what you want, and my clients work extremely hard to be able to afford just that."

Atmah Ja, the visionary and gallery director at Gallery Iamikan shares, Iamikan’s artistic passion is derived largely from his relationship with nature, through which he communicates art that embodies a living force.  

Make an appointment to visit the gallery and Atmah Ja will assist you in purchasing an original piece that will perfectly compliment your life, your style and your creative design and decor.

Gallery Iamikan, located in historic Charleston, is an oasis of urban organic art that attracts a youth of enthusiasm from collectors both locally and nationally, seeking something rare, original, raw and inspired!

Gallery Iamikan
29 Broad Street,
Charleston, SC

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