Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spoleto "Soleil" Celebrates Charleston Galleries ~ Featuring The Art of Core Consciousness and Artist Iamikan

Introducing Spoleto Soleil

Afternoons in Charleston May 27 - June 12

Spoleto Soleil is a series of events and exhibitions, speakers and special guests hosted by the shops, galleries and restaurants of Broad Street and King Street. It's Charleston's internationally renowned retail, restaurant and gallery celebration at Spoleto.

Each afternoon from 4:00-7:00 PM, May 27-June 12 -enjoy the best we have to offer!

Keep up with postings to know about events held on Broad/King Streets, afternoons during Charleston's Spoleto festival. As the the weekend kicks off its celebrated event, we invite you to experience what has been recognized as a destination city for world class art.

Showcased exclusively at Gallery Iamikan~ 29 Broad, are the original works of artist Iamikan. Iamikan is considered an urban visionary working with architects, designers and clients from around the country - experiencing his "art as a living experience".

Bringing his collection from Paris, France, Iamikan's art expresses a raw and rugged
organic vibe.  He creates with oil, acrylic and resin and his mediums range from steel, canvas, tree bark, rice pressed paper and glass.
The core expression of Iamikan's elemental paint play creates the perfect complement for an eclectic and powerful design style.

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