Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gallery Row ~ French Quarter Art Walk

Witness without the Veil
72x72 by Iamikan

Charleston is a consummate expression of creativity through food, wine, theater and visual arts. As the Charleston Food and Wine Festival kicks off its celebrated four day event, welcoming chefs and wine makers from around the world, we invite you to experience what has equally been recognized as destination city for world class art.

This Friday,
March 4th 5:00 - 8:00 pm, Gallery Row and The French Quarter Galleries will host an art walk for locals and visitors alike to experience Charleston's rich and varied culture as seen through the lens of visual artists.

Pioneering a science of mixed media; using oil and acrylic paints with layers of amber like resin, Iamikan interprets his art from a unique perspective of algorithms inspired by nature’s art of technology. Using fire, water and air to move, layer and cure the paint, Iamikan’s art reveals an elemental quality that expresses a three dimensional “living experience”.

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